Garland’s Precision CNC Machined Parts Gallery

These are just some examples of the many types of components and assemblies we provide CNC Machining Services for.

CNC Milling and CNC Turning

Vibratory feeder bowl

This bowl shaped component has a conical spiral similar to a thread running around the inside diameter.

We are threading experts from standard threads in hard to machine materials to highly complex multi start and acme threads.

We can do them all and this shows that capability and beyond.

cnc turned components

Aftermarket automotive suspension components all reverse engineered from OEM cast steel components and manufactured by GPM in Aluminum for light weight.

custom machining shop

Aircraft assembly/inspection tool

All items machined and procured by GPM including engraving, assembly, and boxing.

Each tool has a unique serial number on each component of the tool and its box.

aircraft parts machining aircraft parts machining aircraft parts machining

Various aircraft spars. These not only show highly complex machining operations but also show various fixturing techniques.

GPM not only manufactures the spars: we also manufactured and designed the various different vacuum fixtures shown used to fixture the thin wall hard to hold aircraft spars.

cnc machined tools

This large turnbuckle is an aircraft assembly tool.

It is electroless nickel plated so all items were manufactured undersize/oversize to allow for plating.

cnc machining company

Custom made real working miniature black powder cannon made from alloy steel, stainless steel and brass.

Manufactured here including artistic engraving.

machined drill fixtures

Various different aircraft drill fixtures manufactured by GPM. We procured all materials, manufactured all custom components including special pins and bushings: even the engraving with paint fill was done here in house.

All these drill jigs were completed in house including boxing and custom cut and marked foam for storage at the customer’s facility.

Each drill fixture has a unique serial number and orientation marking engraved on the tool.

electronics machining cnc machining parts

The pictured electronics cabinets and chassis all go together and were all manufactured by GPM, including the procurement of custom aluminum extrusions to form the cabinet frames and installation of various different clinch fittings.

machined drill fixtures

Electronic face panel manufactured by GMP including the high luster polish.

All completed in house.

custom cnc milling milling cnc

This is a large milling fixture. Six of the pictured A2 tool steel tombstones create a single indexable milling fixture that holds 12 spars to be machined at the customer’s facility.

GPM procured all material and manufactured including engraving, then procured heat treatment and black oxide finish. After all processes were complete (including heat treatment) GPM machined five tooling points in the 58 Rc A2 tool steel tombstone to a true position tolerance of .002 and a total diameter tolerance of .0005

landing gear machining landing gear machining landing gear machining

This is a landing gear assembly/disassembly tool. All components manufactured in house. This showcases some of our larger items manufactured. Also notice various different materials including tool steel, stainless steel, delrin, and Aluminum.

GPM also procured the plating and hard anodize on this job. We then marked and boxed all items for storage according to the customer’s specification.

cnc manufacturing metal fabrication services

This is an example of some of the large difficult to fixture casings. All fixtures designed and built in house.

cnc precision machining

This large magnesium clevis stands 18” tall and 16” Ø. This shows our capability to manufacture large parts and machine Magnesium.

precision cnc machine shop

These overhead lifting lugs were machined from alloy steel plate then heat treated and load tested to the customers specification before delivery.

cnc machine shop

These rack gears were manufactured completely in house: we have the capability to manufacture all types of gears including spur gears, rack gears, worm gears, helical gears, and splines. Many of the gears we manufacture also have a custom tooth profile or form.

cnc turning and milling

These components form the chassis for an electronic device that counts the number of times a transmission shaft has been turned during the assembly process.

All pictured components manufactured by GPM including the spline shafts and clear LCD Screen window.

cnc machining california torque reaction tool

Torque reaction tool: this is an aircraft assembly tool built to print by GPM and designed to torque multiple fasteners to a specific torque at one time.

All custom non procurable items were manufactured in house and all purchased items were procured by GPM. All items were then assembled into a ready to use tool.

cnc machining companies

These are various different support lockout components used for aircraft assembly.

All were manufactured, assembled, and boxed for storage to customer’s specification by GPM.

Each of these components has unique identification, orientation, and serial numbers all engraved and paint filled by GPM.

5 axis cnc machining services

This part requires a 16 rms surface finish and flatness of .001 on the working surface: both parameters achieved here in house at GPM.

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