Product Inspection/Quality Assurance

GPM is deidcated to continuous quality improvement. All components manufactured under go first article inspection followed by stringent in process inspection routines and ending with final sample inspection. (Inspection reports, Certificate of Conformance and other certifications available per customer's specification upon request.) Continuous process and quality monitoring reslut in very low rejection rates and help ensure products manufactured meet the highest quality standards.

From NIST traceable and certified standards, to various standard and nonstandard speciality gauges, Garland's has all the inspection equipment necessary to ensure the products we manufacture meet both our own and our customer's stringent quality standards.

Product Inspection & Quality Assurance
Product Inspection & Quality Assurance
Product Inspection & Quality Assurance
  • OGP Optical Comparator
  • Federal Profilometer
  • 72" X 48" Granite Surface Plate
  • 100's of Calibrated inspection tools

Our stringent process ensures that you will receive defect-free and on-time delivery each and every time. Garland will provide material certifications, inspection reports and certificate of conformance for all jobs performed upon request. You can rely on us to deliver superior service and quality on all parts and assemblies.