CNC Turning Parts Manufacturer: Precision Turned Parts

Whether it’s for aerospace, medical, or commercial projects, the toughest turning applications are easily handled by the machining experts at Garland’s Precision Inc.

Since 1974 California product designers and engineers have trusted Garland’s for CNC turned parts from single prototypes to production runs in the thousands.

Our wide spectrum of turning capabilities enables us to produce parts with capacities of up to 20” diameter and 23” long.

CNC Turning Services: Tight Tolerances? Difficult Materials? No Problem

CNC turning services CA

Our experienced skilled staff, combined with our extremely accurate CNC turning centers, ensures that Garland’s manufactures highly complex round turned components.


Two Kingston twin turret lathes equip us to work with parts in various different materials ranging from aluminum and polymers (plastic) to the most difficult to machine exotic high temp alloy materials.

Speciality Work Holding

CNC turning parts

Our vast knowledge in work holding and programming techniques enable us to provide turning services on components that are odd shaped or delicate such as castings, forgings, or thin walled components.

We really shine when it comes to specialties like bottle bores, close tolerance spherical features, or hard turning heat treated alloy, stainless, or tool steels up to 62 Rc hardness–often eliminating secondary grinding or EDM operations.

CNC Threading Experts

Turning and milling services

Garland’s threading expertise runs the gamut from thread rolling of standard threads to increase strength to single point threading of the most complex custom formed threads such as centralizing and multi start acme or buttress threads.

Garland's Turning machines:

  • 35-C Kingston 4 Axis Twin Turret CNC Lathe - 18" dia. x 13"
  • 35-C Kingston 4 Axis Twin Turret CNC Lathe - 20" dia. x 13"
  • Femco HL-25 CNC Lathe - 17" dia x 23"
  • Ikegai AX20X CNC Lathe 16” x 23”
  • 850 Moriseiki engine lathe-16" dia. x 24"
  • 850G Moriseiki engine lathe-24" dia. x 24"