CNC Milled Parts Manufacturer

Owner operated Garland’s Precision Inc. is widely considered one of the leading CNC milled parts manufacturers in Los Angeles, Orange County, and beyond. Long recognized for their high quality standards, low rejection rates, and short delivery times, the CNC milling experts at GPM go above and beyond to meet each customer’s requirements.

Garland’s Precision Inc. not only provides our clients with top quality, complex parts–we provide them with high quality cost effective CNC milling solutions.

Custom CNC Milling Services

CNC Milled Parts Manufacturer

CNC milling capacities up to 60”X30”X27” inches of travel and 4th axis capability means Garland’s Precision has the equipment to produce parts tailored to meet the needs of even the most precise demands.

But equipment alone isn’t enough: At Garland’s we combine the capabilities of these complex CNC mills with our vast knowledge in fixturing and programming techniques to perform milling operations on components that are odd shaped or delicate such as castings, forgings, or shells.

CNC Milling Materials and Specialties

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Garland’s highly accurate heavy duty box way VMC’s are capable of milling all types of materials from aluminum or polymers (plastic) to the toughest alloy and stainless steels–all while holding tolerances as close as plus or minus .0002.

In addition, we excel at custom CNC milling services on difficult to machine features such as thin walls or deep cavities in hard to machine materials.

Other specialties include hard milling in heat treated alloy, stainless, or tool steels up to 62 Rc hardness– often eliminating the need for secondary grinding or EDM operations. Long experienced threading experts, the team at GPM is capable of producing the most complex multi start acme or buttress.

Value Added CNC Milling Processes

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Garland’s Precision Inc. also performs many value added processes in our milling operations including engraving. We excel at engraving logos, identification markings, or even serialize components right on our CNC mills.

Garland's Milling Machines:

  • Sharp SV 6030 3 Axis Vertical Machining Center - 60" X 30" X 27"
  • M-12 Acroloc 4 Axis Vertical Machining Center - 31.5" X 14" X 20"
  • Kitamura My Center One 4 Axis Vertical Machining Center - 18" X 12" X 16"
  • J-2 Bridgeport Vertical Mills - 12" X 24" (quantity 2)

If you want a top quality CNC milled parts manufacturer look no further than Garland’s Precision, Inc.